Six on Saturday – January 20

At the grocery store this morning, the cashier remarked that the crocuses are out, so spring can’t be far away. I haven’t seen any crocuses yet; but there are signs of spring, which can’t come too soon as far as I’m concerned. Here are my six for today, and do check out The Propagator for links to more Six on Saturday posts.

1. Christmas Eve

A little bit of catching up, as I have not posted a Six on Saturday since before Christmas. We had a stretch of cold weather. The “rain catcher” was iced up on Christmas Eve day and it snowed in the evening. It’s been warmer since then, but there’s been LOTS of rain. My favourite Christmas present was a garden centre gift coupon: I’m planning a spring Dahlia buying spree with my daughter.

2. Wintry Skies

There have been some beautiful sunsets, as well as dramatic cloud formations. The bare branches of trees reveal large stretches of sky.

Signs of Spring!

3. Bulbs coming up

There are many hopeful signs, with snowdrops (you have to look closely), daffodils and tulips beginning to emerge.

3. Peonies

The tree peonies are sporting vivid red buds and even the herbaceous peonies are waking up. “Molly the Witch” (Paeonia mlokosewitschii) is always the first one in my garden to show signs of life.

4. Irises

All the irises (Bearded, Dutch and Siberian) have new growth. I’m particularly happy about the Siberian Irises that were transplanted in the fall. It’s good to know there will be plenty of companion plants for the Siberian Iris/Lady’s Mantle duo I’ve been planning.

5. Agastache ‘Arizona Sunset’

This is a new addition to the garden, planted out in the fall. If the photos are to be believed, the flowers will be a combination of pink, purple and peach. It’s always reassuring to see new growth like this–living proof that plants have survived the winter. Sssh! I don’t want to speak too soon; after all, it’s only the middle of January.


6. Agapanthus

Here is a big surprise. The clump of Agapanthus that did not flower last summer has not died back this winter. I did surround it with oak leaves, but it seems to me this plant is living a little dangerously.