Six on Saturday – March 3

We’ve recovered from the snowfall I wrote about last week, but there’s lots on the news about the cold and snow in Europe and the UK. Hope all you gardeners are managing to stay warm. Here are my six in the garden for today. Be sure to check out  The Propagator for the source of this meme and links to all the “Six on Saturday” posts from other contributors.

1. Volunteer

Last week, I mentioned a Corsican Hellebore “volunteer” in the garden – springing up from seed from a nearby parent plant. Now that it is no longer hidden by snow, here is a photo of the little darling:


2. Recovery

Also in last week’s post, I was lamenting the state of Helleborus “Red Lady” who had taken a nose dive into the snow where I feared her flowers would die a muddy death, à la Ophelia. But, no! They have bounced back in all their glory, standing up straight and tall, demanding to be admired. (My apologies for the somewhat blurry photo).

Bounced Back

3. Casualty

I have tried to grow the tree peony, Paeonia rockii, any number of times and have failed almost as many times as I’ve tried. Here’s one that has been in my garden for two years now and looked like it was going to be a survivor. However, all its buds are looking petrified now and I don’t have high hopes for its future. I don’t think the snow did it in, I think it was the flooding that took place in the garden in January and February. I have one more “spare” growing in a container. It looks alright – not great, just so-so. If it doesn’t make it, I won’t try again.


4. Paeonia tenuifolia

The “fine-leafed peony” is sending up shoots. This herbaceous peony has been with me for many years and has endured two moves and a considerable period of time confined to a plastic pot. It blooms in May (the photo is from last year).


5. Cephalaria Gigantea

There are two clumps of Giant Scabious coming back strong after the winter. I should really stick with this kind of hardy, reliable plant and forget about the fragile, attention seeking sorts. But realistically, what are the odds of that happening?


6. I Gave Myself a Treat

After the floods and the snowfalls, and in spite of new growth, hellebores and snowdrops, I felt like I needed something more, so I splurged on a bouquet of tulips and freesias. It was well worth it – such a lovely, cheerful, fragrant celebration of flowers.