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Six on Saturday – September 22

There is a lot of rain in the forecast for British Columbia. That’s a good thing, as it will put an end to forest fires still burning. It may be too much rain for some areas; however, here on southern Vancouver Island, it’s just the right amount. Here are my Six for today and some of them include raindrops. Thanks once again to the Propagator for hosting this meme. You will find links to other Six on Saturday bloggers on his site.

1. The Big Picture

Here’s the view on the east side of the house. At the centre of this area is a Eucalyptus tree which is getting out of hand again. There are a number of trees in the same situation, and I will be phoning the arborist as soon as the leaves are off the trees.

The photo includes Salvia x Arctic Blaze and ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum in its autumn colours. Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ can be seen in the background.

Salvia Sedum Rudbeckia

2. Hydrangea

This hydrangea has suffered from not quite enough water this summer. It is located at the far side of the garden where it is all too easy to forget. Like the Sedum in the photo above, it is going through colour changes.


3. Platycodon grandiflorus

The common name of this plant is “balloon flower” after the buds, which swell until they grow round as a balloon and then open into a bell-shaped flower.


4. Rainy Day Dahlia

I’ve mentioned in past posts that my daughter and I went on a dahlia buying spree earlier in the year. The result has been a number of dahlias of different heights and colours, all blooming at different times. Some of them have not bloomed at all yet. All too soon, it will be time to dig up the tubers and nestle them into vermiculite beds for a long winter’s sleep. Here’s a red one that caught a little rain this  morning:

Rainy Red Dahlia

5. Buddleia ‘Miss Molly’

My all-time favourite buddleia is in flower. I don’t know whether it is still blooming or blooming again. It doesn’t look quite as fine as when it first bloomed, but no matter – it’s still a welcome sight.

6. Rose ‘Molineux’

The roses are blooming again, too. Here is the lovely and dependable David Austin Rose  “Molineux’. I can never remember whether it is “Molineux’ or ‘Molyneux’ and when I googled the name ‘Rose Molyneux’ I got a lot of information about a German model, which really threw me for a loop.

Rose Molyneux