Six on Saturday – October 7

Thanks once again to The Propagator for hosting this meme. The comments section of his latest “Six on Saturday” provides links to more posts on this topic.

1. Rain

It rained today. It’s not the first rain we’ve had this fall, but it is a quintessential Pacific Northwest rainfall. The rain is coming down lightly, but steadily. Wind comes and goes. Leaves blow across the roads, tumbling and darting. It is beautiful in its way, and refreshing.


2. Penstemon ‘Cha Cha Lavender’

This one was finally freed from its small plastic pot yesterday. I’ve only just started with penstemons. I hope they thrive here.

Penstemon Cha Cha Lavender

3. Late Delphinium

Don’t you just love these out-of-season beauties? And it’s a white delphinium, too. Perfect for a rainy day.

Late Delphinium

4. Foeniculum vulgare

A number of these fennel plants volunteer in the garden every year, and I allow one to remain standing. Then, I try to remember to cut it down and dig out the root before it starts spewing seeds at a ferocious pace. I know it’s risky to leave even one, but I just love the way they look.


5. My Miltoniopsis is Blooming Again!

I’ve written at great length about this plant in My Miltoniopsis is Blooming Again. There’s a painting there, too. Welcome back, Miltoniopsis!


6. Salvia ‘Arctic Blaze Purple’

It seems more and more salvias are finding their way into the garden. They are undemanding and persevering as a group, and this one is particularly charming. It is spritely and cheerful.

Salvia Arctic Blaze