Six on Saturday – May 5

It’s been a tough week in the garden, as the weeds have had optimum conditions for growth. Dandelions, Morning Glory, thistles, chickweed. Arghhh. It’s brought me to my knees again. Still, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as clearing the weeds from a garden bed, thus freeing up space for a few more plants. Here are my six for today, and do be sure to have a look at The Propagator’s blog for links to more Six on Saturday posts.

1. Allium neapolitanum

These alliums are increasing  in number every year, and I’m not complaining. Dainty white flowers nod in the breeze.

2. Tree Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Renkaku’ is outdoing itself this year. Big, fat buds followed by big, fat flowers.

3. Paeonia tenuifolia

This beauty has been with me for a number of years, moving with me from one garden to another. It looks fragile, with its finely cut leaves, but it’s a trooper.

4. Trollius

Trollius Europaeus, or Globeflower, is in bloom now. It is situated quite close to Kerria japonica (see last week’s post) and the colours are an almost perfect match.

5. Shooting Stars

I wrote a post about this plant in May 2012 and included a painting. Dodecatheon pulchellum ‘Sooke Variety’ is native to Vancouver Island and is named for the town of Sooke, located near Victoria, BC; or perhaps for the source of the town’s name: The T’sou-ke Nation of the Coast Salish peoples, is a band government whose reserve community is located on Vancouver Island, with two reserves around the Sooke Basin.

6. More and More Bearded Irises

In last week’s post, there were irises in bud, but now there are irises in bloom. Aaaaah.