Six on Saturday – December 2

Here are my six in the garden for today. Be sure to check out The Propagator for the source of this meme and links to all the “Six on Saturday” posts from other contributors.

1. Cyclamen

Everyone else has posted pictures of Cyclamen, so I will do the same. Mostly, it seems that you either have Cyclamen leaves with no flowers or Cyclamen flowers with no leaves. The middle photo actually managed to capture Cyclamen with leaves and flowers!

2. Late Gaura, Early Daffodils?

As I’ve mentioned before, the Gaura is still blooming. Nearly hidden underneath this thriving plant, there seem to be some spring bulbs emerging. I think they’re daffodils. We’ll see what they turn out to be – once we get past the shortest day of the year (soon, now!) and move on towards spring.

3. Peony Buds

More signs of life: the intense red buds on the tree peonies.

4. Lady’s Mantle

I mentioned my plans to combine Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) with Siberian Iris. The Iris has already been divided and planted and it looks like I will have plenty of Lady’s Mantle divisions, too.

Lady's Mantle

5. Poppies

There is lush new growth on the Oriental Poppies – something I would expect to see in August or September, but here it is, the beginning of December, and just look at them. Also, another photo of Papaver atlanticum Flore Pleno, this time with two buds. We have sun in the forecast for next week. Of course, the temperatures always go down here when the sun comes out in winter, so I don’t know whether that will help or hurt. I would really like to see this poppy bloom!


5. Hippeastrum

By the time December roll around, I usually feel compelled to purchase some fresh flowers to compensate for the lack of blooms in the garden. Today, I went grocery shopping and came home with this lovely white Hippeastrum. Of course, it was clearly labelled “Amaryllis” which seems to have become the common name of this plant. Whatever its name, it has definitely cheered me up.