A gardener for most of my life, I’ve been painting for the last 10 year or so. It’s hard to say which activity gives me more pleasure. Gardening is a feast for the senses and a healing experience for body and soul. Painting is like being back in kindergarten but with much, much better materials.

I think I will always want to be an art student, no matter how accomplished I become as an artist. There is always something more to learn: new techniques and materials; and more importantly, new insights and directions. Making art is most often a solitary experience, so it is a treat to be in the company of other artists in the setting of the classroom, closed off from the world and its distractions. From time to time, I will post descriptions of the work I’ve done in courses or workshops.


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    • Welcome! I’m not really that much of a gardening expert. I tend to stick to plants that seem happy in my garden and not to fuss around with the fussy ones. I think your climate would not be too much different from ours?


      • Possibly, we don’t really get any snow here mind, it never gets really cold, or really hot. We’re trying to plant different things just to see what we can grow without a greenhouse. A bit random really, but way more fun. MM


  1. Thanks for the follow. I have never thought of myself as an artist, like you are, but I have to say the blog scene is a great way for me to explore and share my more creative side. Keep on sharing, MM 🎨


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