Sleep, Creep, Leap

The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap.


I’ve had a request to post photographs of my garden. It made me realize that most of the pictures I take in the garden are close-ups of one or several flowers. This will be our third summer here. The structure of the garden was already in place when we moved in, but the plantings were entirely around the theme of drought resistance and “easy care,” although ease is not truly possible in a largish garden. We are about 5 km. (3 mi.) from downtown Victoria, BC.; and although our garden is not large by country standards, it is a fairly large city lot (12,000 sq. ft.).

Sleep: Most of the first year was devoted to watering and planting a few flowering perennials among the ornamental grasses and euphorbia.

Creep: The second year brought more ambition, more effort and greater rewards.

Leap: This year (2016, a “leap year”) brings some of the abundance of a mature garden, although there are no long-established peonies, an omission that’s not too painful in the midst of tulips, irises and budding rose bushes.

So, out into the garden, camera in hand, I took the longer view: here are a few photos of my “leap year” garden. Click on any photo to enlarge.



17 thoughts on “Sleep, Creep, Leap

    • The bulbs were sold as “Sunlight Delight Creative Combination”. I think they might be “Orange Princess”? They were gorgeous, indeed; but there was a problem with the stems snapping from the weight of the blooms. I put the snapped off heads into a vase where they lasted quite awhile.


  1. Oh, it looks so beautiful!
    The place where we moved is a disaster, everything needs to be build up from scratch. Last fall I barely shaped one planting bed and I started now a small rockery.

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    • Our last place was a “hard row to hoe”–clay, shell, salt winds, voracious deer and insufficient water. Still I persisted. Gardeners seem to have a masochistic streak! 🙂


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