Pansies, Pansy Orchids & Dog’s Tooth Violets

In my last post, My Miltoniopsis Is Blooming Again, I talked about the Pansy Orchid (Miltoniopsis). A week or so after publishing that post, I went to the Post Office to buy some stamps. I always take my time when choosing stamps, as the pretty ones can be had for the same price as the plain. A 10-pack of “Pansies” jumped right out at me, and when you see the pansies next to the Miltoniopsis, it is easy to see why the orchid is named after the pansy.

The stamps’ package includes the following description of the pansy:

The modern-day pansy blossom (Viola x wittrockiana) is attributed to the efforts of a British naval officer and former Newfoundland governor Lord James Gambier and his gardener, William Thompson, who began crossing various species of viola with V. tricolor in the early 1800’s The flowers featured on these stamps are the Delta Premium Pure Light Blue Pansy and the Midnight Glow Icicle Pansy.

The Dog’s Tooth Violet is not a violet at all, but a member of the Lily family called Erythronium. I’ve already written a post and done a painting of this lovely plant, but now I’m working on a linocut print (see below). The Dog’s Tooth Violet blooms in April and is native to our area. The white blossoms of Erythronium oregonum can be seen in many places in and around Victoria, BC. The range is North to Comox on Vancouver Island and on the Gulf Islands. They are dainty little plants with mottled glossy leaves. The leaves can be seen in my painting, but will not be included in the print. I will be inking up the linocut plate tomorrow and making prints from this design, so I’ll finally get to see what the design looks like as a linocut.

Erythronium, design for a Linocut

“Erythronium” pen & ink, 5″ x 7 ”  (design for a linocut)


18 thoughts on “Pansies, Pansy Orchids & Dog’s Tooth Violets

  1. Yesterday at the post office I was staring at the same stamps 🙂
    Another technique that I never heard of; the pen & ink Erythronium looks great as it is for me! but I look fw to see how it would be as a linocut.

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    • How funny you and I were looking at the pansy stamps on the same day! Pen & ink is just a drawing done with ink. Actually, I used markers filled with India ink. I’m still dithering about Erythronium “Pagoda” and wondering if I can find it locally rather than putting in an order to Fraser’s Thimblefarm. When I order from them, I always feel compelled to order more than one plant! I’m afraid I will run out of garden space eventually.

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